CycleLift™ is an innovative and easy way to securely park, access and store bicycles. Use it for street bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes and more!

Bike parking is usually an afterthought and can lead to a messy and dangerous bike parking area. Getting a bike onto a wall is an ideal solution, but may prove tricky lifting it into place.

Now there is no need to struggle to lift a bike up several feet to get onto a vertical parking rack. With CycleLift™, all you have to do is lift your front wheel up a few inches and place it on the green knob.

The CycleLift™ will now help you lift the bike into place – you can even guide it with just one hand! Leave it as is, or you can further optimize your space by pushing the bike to the left or to the right, and against the wall. Your choice.

Feel good that 100% of your CycleLift™ product is currently recyclable for end of use concern.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Fits any bike size
  • 100% recyclable
Available in consumer and industrial versions.



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